Best Office Chair in 2020

After over 300 hours of testing, we can confidently say that the Herman Miller Embody Chair is our #1 pick as the best office chair. This desk chair promotes movement, which in turn increases blood flow, in large part thanks to its innovative back system that is analogous to that of a human’s spine. Plus, it’s fully adjustable […]

Best Cell Phone Cases in 2020 (December Reviews)

The best cell phone case you can buy today is the FitFort Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case. I believe that this is one of the best Android phone cases. It comes with a screen protector while also providing impact resistance and shock protection. To determine the best cell phone cases, we looked at the following features: durability, compatibility, added […]

A Taste of Los Angeles by FilmSpektakel 

FilmSpektakel has returned after a 3-year absence with A Taste of Los Angeles, the latest in their hyperlapse series of famous places. They hit a lot of the best-known spots in town, but they also include a very creative moments that are about as LA as they can get, like the match cuts of cars on freeway […]

Harman Kardon’s Futuristic Aura Studio 3 Offers 360-Degree Sound

It looks like a contemporary terrarium, but the Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 doesn’t grow plants, it produces some of the best audio you’ll ever hear. Following on the translucent design of their SoundSticks, a product released in 2000 in conjunction with Apple, the Aura Studio 3 features a see-through top reminiscent of a fishbowl. […]

7 Best Summer Colognes & Fragrances for Men

Summer is about long days and late nights, and with the best summer colognes and fragrances for men at your disposal, you’ll stay sharp the whole time through. However, before deciding on the best summer colognes for men, please be advised: men’s fragrances mix with the body’s natural oils to achieve their intended scent, so don’t count on these products to […]

Why Your iPhone Has So Many New Privacy Alerts in iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 brings some big changes, and included in those changes are a variety of new privacy controls. Once you update your iPhone, it will ask for new permissions, possibly for several days. Here’s what they mean. Privacy information for apps in the App Store As of December 14, 2020, apps in Apple’s App Store (including the […]